Seattle Sunset -

Workshop: Seattle Sunset

Date: Variable

Price: $200

An evening photography session typically starts 1 hour before sunset and ends 1 hour after sunset. After the photography session, we make our way to a coffee shop and go over post-processing techniques.

For example, let's say sunset is at 8:30 pm. We meet at a designated location at 7:30 pm and go over any questions you may have, find our spot and wait for the proper light. We typically keep shooting until 1 hr after sunset. Then we go to a nearby coffee shop where I will show you my favorite Photoshop and Lightroom techniques to process the images you just took. I'll have a laptop but you're welcome to bring your own. I usually only take 1 or 2 people for the evening workshops, so it can be highly customizable, according to your needs.

Please contact me to schedule an outing.

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